About RST

RST is a Columbia University spin-off company founded by Dr. Michael Treat in 2002. A longtime proponent of surgical technology, Dr. Treat established RST to advance the role of robotics in the OR. Dr. Treat has built a strong team of talented, enthusiastic people, dedicated to this goal.

We believe the time is right to take the next major step in OR automation. With recent technological advances, the promise of robots playing a role in our daily lives is about to become a reality. The key is finding a task humans find tedious and repetitive. But a task a robot can do effectively and safely. A robot that can handle that part of the job is a powerful new ally, helping people do their jobs more productively and making those jobs more fulfilling.

Serving instruments in the OR is just such a task, and we’re developing just the right robot to do it.

Partners And Supporters

The New York Presbyterian Hospital

The Center for Advanced Information Management at Columbia University

New York State Office of Science, Technology & Academic Research

The Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center of the United States Army

NSF Small Business Innovative Research Program