Best Beds for Back Pain

When you’re suffering from constant back pain, you tend to try everything to relieve the pain. For example, you may have tried using heating pads, Icy Hot, pain medication, or even flipping your mattress. Have you ever thought that maybe you mattress is the issue in general? Let’s take a look at some of the best beds for relieving back pain.

IntelliBED Mattress:

The IntelliBED Mattress gives you the firm back support that your body needs while providing proper spinal alignment and comfortable pressure relief. IntelliBED mattresses are also patented with Intelli-gel technology. This technology senses out pressure points that cause back pain and relaxes under them while still providing firm support. This creates the perfect combination for pain relief and support.

Sleep Number Beds:

The Sleep Number bed is also a great choice for relieving back pain. The original Sleep Number bed allows both, you and your partner, to adjust each side of the bed to the firmness you would like. Therefore, if you like a firm bed but your partner does not, you can each set it the way you feel most comfortable.

Sleep Number also has a new mattress, called the Sleep Number m7. This mattress is made from memory foam with a few more tricks. Just like the original, you are able to adjust each side of the bed to your desired firmness for your ideal level of comfort. However, this bed is more breathable than normal memory foam and is naturally contouring. Lastly, this mattress has three inches of Cool

Fit foam with gel technology for a cool and soothing sleeping surface.

Tempur-Pedic Beds:

The Tempur-Pedic brand has also designed several different mattresses that are ideal for relieving back pain. For example, they have the Tempur-Contour series that is made from a material that has a firmer initial feel with the support needed for less tossing and turning.

Tempur-Pedic also has the Tempur-Cloud Collection series of mattresses. This mattress has an innovative balance of pillowy comfort in combination with the responsive support your body needs for restful night of sleep. If you like to sleep on a softer mattress that doesn’t have awful springs that you feel every time you lay down, then one of these choices would be best for you.

For some of us, we either can’t afford a new mattress or we like our mattress but it needs a little bit of softness added. So, for the people in these situations there are other solutions to making your bed less painful for your back. Pillow top mattress pads are great additions to any mattress that is giving you back pain and restless nights.

Down Pillow Top Mattress Pad:

Down pillow top mattress pads are not like the ordinary pillow tops that you usually see in department stores. This specific type of mattress pad is usually made of 100% dobby dot pad, pure white down or stuffed with polyester puff. This mattress pad gives you softness under your sheets while cradling your head and supporting your back.

Memory Foam Mattress Pad:

Memory foam is a foam material that contours to your body. This is a great solution to resolving back pain because it supports you in all of the right areas. You simply place the memory foam under your sheets and you may then lie down on your newly soft, but supportive bed.

So, if you are continuously waking up every day with terrible back pain, you should consider the fact that your bed may be the problem.